Your fingernails and toenails are made of keratin. Keratin is a durable material, and your nails are there to protect the tips of your fingers and the tops of your toes.

Healthy nails are strong and smooth. But nail fungus is a common type of infection that turns your nails brittle, crumbly, and unsightly.

If you have a nail fungus, you’re probably researching your treatment options. Oral medications have long been the standard treatment for toenail fungus, and while these antifungals can be effective, taking an oral medication increases your risk for whole-body side effects.

Laser treatment offers a better solution. David B. Glover, DPM, FACFAS, and our team at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute specialize in laser nail therapy, which can eradicate toenail fungus without the risk for side effects.

How laser treatment stops toenail fungus

Toenail fungal infections can happen to anyone. If you have a small cut or crack in a nail, a fungus can enter your body. Fungal infections typically start with a small spot of discoloration, and eventually, they begin affecting the health of your nail.

If left untreated, the fungus can spread across your nails and make them thicker, brittle, and discolored. The fungus lives underneath your nails, which means that it can be difficult to eradicate with topical or oral medications alone.

Laser treatment takes a different approach. It’s a completely drug-free, noninvasive treatment that uses specialized wavelengths of light to heat and destroy the fungus.

The laser light safely penetrates the surface of your nail to reach the fungus below. The therapeutic heat kills the fungus, and it doesn’t harm surrounding healthy tissue. With just a few treatment sessions, your fungal infection is eradicated and your nail begins to heal.

Unlike other treatments, laser therapy treats the fungus at the source. Oral medication can treat the fungus temporarily, but it may come back. But with laser treatment, the fungus is less likely to come back later on.

What to expect with laser toenail fungus treatment

Think you might have a toenail fungus? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Glover and our team at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute.

We diagnose toenail fungus with a comprehensive exam, then we recommend a treatment plan to fit your needs. Laser treatment is one of the best options to effectively and permanently eliminate toenail fungus.

If you choose laser treatment, our team sets up a series of appointments for you. Each session takes about 30 minutes, and there’s no downtime required.

Treatment is comfortable, and no anesthesia is required. There’s no need for topical or oral medication, which means the risk of side effects is very low.

During treatment, Dr. Glover aims the laser at your affected toenails. The gentle heat destroys the fungal infection, without affecting the surrounding skin and nail.

Over time, the fungus disappears. The damaged part of your nail grows out, and you can expect to see a healthier, smoother nail take its place.

There’s no need to be embarrassed about unsightly toenails. Find out if you have a toenail fungus and learn more about the benefits of laser treatment at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute. Call us at 801-614-2996 or request an appointment online today.