Sprained Ankle Treatment

Ankle swelling, throbbing, and bruising are all warning signs of an ankle sprain. Before your injury leads to chronic ankle instability, visit with board-certified podiatrist David B. Glover, DPM, FACFAS, of Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute in South Ogden, Utah. Dr. Glover ensures you recover from any current ankle discomfort while helping you fully heal and return to your regular activities. To start your sprained ankle treatment, schedule an evaluation today. Book online or over the phone.

    Sprained Ankle Q & A

    What is a sprained ankle?

    Fibrous bands known as ligaments support your ankle. These ligaments connect bones to other bones while binding your ankle joint together. It’s because of these ligaments that you’re able to rotate your ankle in almost any direction.

    When you overstretch or tear any of your ankle ligaments though, you develop a sprain. This type of injury most commonly occurs when you roll your ankle or miss a step going down a flight of stairs. It’s also one of the top injuries athletes and exercise enthusiasts face.

    How do I know if my ankle is sprained?

    Usually, the initial warning sign of an ankle sprain is throbbing pain. As inflammation builds up for the first few days after your injury occurs, you might start experiencing:

    • Bruising and redness
    • Severe swelling
    • Ankle instability
    • Joint stiffness
    • Difficulty bearing weight on the affected ankle


    These signs and symptoms are many of the same things you’re going to experience with a broken bone, though. Because it’s important to have a thorough diagnosis and ensure you don’t have a fracture — or get treatment if you do — schedule an evaluation at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute as soon as your injury occurs.

    What is the treatment for a sprained ankle?

    Rehabilitation and proper care are essential when you have an ankle sprain. Otherwise, you risk suffering from chronic ankle instability, which dramatically increases your risk of re-injuring yourself. Dr. Glover designs your sprained ankle treatment plan, depending on your specific injury and any current symptoms. Sprained ankle treatments can include:

    • Compression wrapping
    • Bracing or casting
    • Physical therapy sessions
    • Pain or anti-inflammatory medications


    If you have a severe ligament tear or are at risk of lingering ankle instability, Dr. Glover may recommend ankle surgery. This arthroscopic procedure allows Dr. Glover to perform tissue grafts or repair damaged tissues, so you can expect a full recovery and return to your normal activities — including sports.

    If you sprain your ankle, book an evaluation at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute right away. You can either request an appointment online or call the clinic directly.

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