Diabetics have a high risk of developing severe foot ulcers that can sometimes lead to amputation, making routine diabetic foot care essential. Board-certified podiatrist David B. Glover, DPM, FACFAS, of Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute in South Ogden, Utah, provides comprehensive diabetic foot care. Whether you need treatment for a diabetic wound or need to develop a relationship with a podiatrist, Dr. Glover can help. Book your diabetic foot care exam online or call and speak with a team member directly.


Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

Why do I need to see a podiatrist if I have diabetes?

When you have diabetes, you’re at risk of having limited blood flow. Because blood circulation in your feet and ankles is already reduced — your circulatory system has to work against the force of gravity after all — your skin tissues don’t get the healing nutrients they need. As a result, even the tiniest of cuts can stay open and become severely infected.

To make matters worse, frequent surges in blood sugar can lead to nerve damage. This means that when you do develop an ulcer, you might not be able to feel it and it can quickly become infected.

For these reasons, building a lasting relationship with a trusted podiatrist is essential if you have diabetes, not only for preventive care, but also for routine monitoring of foot injuries.

What is the treatment for a diabetic wound?

Treating a diabetic foot wound involves carefully cleaning your wound and trimming away any dead skin. Dr. Glover applies topical antibiotic solutions to help your wound heal, wraps up your foot, and teaches you how to care for your wound at home.

If your wound is infected, Dr. Glover may prescribe oral antibiotics or specialized topical creams to help you heal. Whether your diabetic ulcer is minor or severe, it’s important to monitor it daily and check in with Dr. Glover at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute as recommended.

How often do I need diabetic foot care?

Generally, Dr. Glover and the caring diabetic foot care specialists at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute suggest annual preventive foot care exams. But if you have a history of diabetic foot wounds, Dr. Glover may want to see you more regularly, like 2-3 times per year. It’s also important to schedule an exam if:

  • You notice drainage or blood in your socks
  • You’re starting to feel foot pain
  • You can visually see a cut or wound

Dr. Glover spends time caring for your feet and counsels you on how to prevent future foot issues during your exams.

The expert podiatry team at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute provide comprehensive diabetic foot care evaluations. Schedule your visit online or over the phone today.

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