Ankle Arthroscopic Surgery

With advancements in surgical technology and procedures, you can get the ankle repairs you need with a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure. As an expert board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, David B. Glover, DPM, FACFAS, of Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute is a go-to practitioner for ankle arthroscopic surgery. If you have an ankle injury or know you need surgery, book your exam at this South Ogden, Utah, based podiatry practice today. Schedule online or over the phone.

Ankle Arthroscopic Surgery

Why do I need ankle arthroscopic surgery?

Ankle arthroscopic surgery is generally the last resort for treating ankle injuries and chronic conditions. You might need this minimally invasive type of ankle surgery if:

  • Conservative therapies haven’t provided relief
  • You have severe tissue damage from arthritis
  • You have a complex foot or ankle fracture
  • Your connective tendons or ligaments are ruptured
  • Your ankle is severely unstable

Because arthroscopic surgery requires just a few small incisions, you can experience a faster recovery and much lower risk of infection.

What happens during ankle arthroscopic surgery?

Dr. Glover performs ankle arthroscopic surgeries under local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of your procedure. After making about 2-4 small incisions, he’s able to insert the arthroscope — a narrow tube with a light and camera at the end — into one incision.

The arthroscope camera displays live images onto a monitor, so Dr. Glover can get clear pictures of your inner tissues. He can make all essential repairs by inserting thin surgical instruments into the surrounding incisions and watching the monitor every step of the way.

Once your ankle arthroscopic surgery is complete, Dr. Glover closes your incisions with sutures or surgical glue. The surgical team moves you into a recovery room where you can rest and recover from anesthesia. In most cases, you can have a friend or family member drive you home within a few hours of surgery.

Which sports medicine treatment do I need?

Even though arthroscopic ankle surgery is minimally invasive, Dr. Glover still needs to repair tissues and bones. You’re probably going to be in a brace and need an assistive device, like a cane, to walk around for at least 3-6 weeks. It’s common to go through regular physical therapy sessions during this time.

About 4-6 weeks after surgery, Dr. Glover suggests gradually getting back into your exercise or sporting activity. It can take up to 8-12 weeks (sometimes longer) to have a full recovery after ankle arthroscopic surgery at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute.

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